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Done-For-You Infusionsoft CRM Program

Here's What You'll Get As A Participant In This Program:

5-User License Of Infusionsoft CRM And PlusThis
– Additional user licenses available for $29 per user license
– 12,500 database contacts
– 60,000 emails per month

The Ultimate Marketing Automation Package: You’ll get SEVEN complete and interlocking cyber security campaigns focused on helping you generate more leads, more clients and more sales. This will include a website opt-in sequence, a cyber security e-mail drip series, a webinar campaign, cross sell campaigns, a prospecting campaign for NEW clients, Robin’s full sales process/funnel and the hot lead follow up campaign.

Campaign Blueprints: You’ll receive a marketing campaign flow chart that gives you an easy, visual blueprint of how every campaign works in Infusionsoft.

Easy-To-Follow, On-Demand Video Guides: These short, on-demand videos will show you how to use every key feature in Infusionsoft.

Support From OUR TEAM: You’ll get help from someone on our team who knows your business and knows our campaigns; no frustrating “tech support” calls from some unknown person who can’t spell M-S-P.

Exclusive Access To A Library Of Robin Robins Infusionsoft Campaigns: As a member of this program, you have exclusive access to purchase NEW campaigns from our ever-expanding library of Robin Robins’ campaigns that you can ONLY get from us.

How To Participate:

The investment is $2,497 for the onboarding of all of your campaigns plus 4 weeks of training sessions to get you up to speed fast! You'll then pay only $399 per month thereafter. This monthly charge includes your Infusionsoft licenses, your PlusThis license, access to the ever growing new campaign library, plus dedicated support and training from our team.

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$2,497 1st Month Plus $399/Month Thereafter
***Special discount for $500 discount for Accelerators Club members and $1,000 discount for Producers Club members!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is your program $399/month when I can get it for $199/month direct from Infusionsoft?
Based on over a year of experience, we have bundled together a comprehensive package deal from Infusionsoft that contains the right fit number of user licenses, contacts, emails, add-in licenses. contract term, pre-built campaigns and ongoing support that fit the best for our members. The software licenses alone that are included would cost over $400 per month if bought direct outside of this program. In addition, you will find that the pre-built campaigns that we have included would typically run you $1,000 to $3,000 per campaign to build out properly, if purchased separately. And lastly, you are significantly lowering your financial risk by signing on only for a month-to-month contract instead of having to commit for an entire 12 months out of the gate.
What if I already have Infusionsoft?
If you have already purchased Infusionsoft, you may still participate in this program. Simply contact us by emailing and we'll walk you through the next steps. Get started today by signing up for the next onboarding/training!
Can I get the Robin Robins campaigns separate from this program?
No. The campaigns that we have developed and will continue to develop are exclusive to this program and will not be offered anywhere else.
What is my commitment to this program?
This is a month-to-month program. You may cancel your CRM software at any time.
Can't I just buy Infusionsoft CRM and build the campaigns myself?
Yes, it is possible to build out the campaigns yourself; however, to have an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant build out the campaigns for you will typically cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 per campaign, not including all of the time it will take to explain how the campaign is supposed to work. And then in the end, you just hope that it works like it should! On average, we have spent approximately 10-20 hours to build out each campaign – planning, designing, building and testing. Infusionsoft is a powerful CRM that can build out a ton of automation, but it is also a complex tool. There's a reason why many inexperienced, DIYers nickname it "Confusionsoft." If you don't know what you're doing in building campaigns, you can get yourself into a big mess!
What happens if I cancel this monthly CRM program?
If you wish to cancel your Infusionsoft CRM with Technology Marketing Toolkit, we will assist in the export of your raw CRM data out of Infusionsoft. You will then be able to use that data however you wish. Any campaigns built within your Infusionsoft application will not be exported.

100% No Risk, 90-Day, Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee Sign up and use the program for 3 full months to determine if you CAN successfully implement this program AND to decide if this will work for you. If within 90 days, you can show that you’ve implemented and launched at least 2 simple campaigns – with our full help and support - and you still don’t think that the software is right for you, we’ll give you a 100% of your onboarding fee back, no questions asked.