3 Good Reasons To Enroll Now

  1. In this series of recorded sessions, I lay out before you the MOST COMPREHENSIVE, COMPLETE AND INTEGRATED MARKETING SYSTEM for generating the absolute maximum amount of profits, sales and wealth from your technology business, with as FEW hours, staff and budget as possible.

  2. In the recordings, I cover EVERY SINGLE TOOL, TACTIC AND TRICK that I know and have ever used to make money. Even if you're doing "okay" right now, you're certain to glean multiple new money-making ideas you can profit from.

  3. I don't just teach you how to fish, I'm going to GIVE YOU THE FISH. You'll learn exactly how to take a systematized approach to marketing and have access to DOZENS of pre-tested, proven, fill-in-the-blank templates so you don't have to recreate the wheel every time you want to run a promotion or generate more sales.


Here Are Just A FEW Of The NEW Campaigns, Tools, Templates And Strategies You’ll Get Access To:

  • A NEW backup and disaster recovery campaign that is generating thousands of dollars in NEW recurring revenue streams despite the recession; one client simply e-mailed this campaign to the 23 clients on his list and sold 5 annual BDR contracts within 24-hours for a PROFIT of $22,366 (no, I’m not kidding).

  • The auto-pilot marketing system that will bring you a steady flow of ready-to-buy prospects without begging, pleading or heavy sales prospecting.

  • The “3-step” managed services marketing system that is consistently generating $6 in sales for every $1 spent on mailing it out – this campaign is SO successful it was written up in DM News (Direct Marketing News). This has to be THE most successful marketing campaign EVER WRITTEN to sell IT services, bar none.

  • The seminar marketing system that will consistently generate windfall sales of $100,000 or more in a single afternoon; I’ll give you the marketing system to get the right decision makers in the room and close them on the spot.

  • The credibility-building campaign one client used that generated over a quarter of a MILLION dollars in new sales with ONE mailing; this single campaign that is CHEAPER than printing a brochure will position you as an “in-demand” expert and attract top-quality prospects to you without hard-selling or cold calls.

  • The “street walker” marketing system that helped one client of mine generate $43,382 in NEW sales in less than 4 weeks using a high-school graduate and a stack of business cards.

  • A Halloween campaign that generated an 800% ROI; this campaign was sent to 300 prospects and generated 22 responses WITHOUT telephone follow up! Since the last update, it generated $20,000 in sales without including the managed services back-end revenue.

  • Three simple changes to your managed services sales presentation that will DOUBLE your close rate and eliminate sales objections. One client of mine increased his managed services monthly revenue by 398% in under a month with this SINGLE promotion!

  • How to create a “shock-n-awe” package that will pre-sell any prospect, handle objections and grease the sales skids BEFORE you walk in the door.

  • An “end of year” campaign that generated $26,000 in NEW sales in under 10 days.

  • Simple, easy tricks using e-mail marketing to guarantee a double-digit click-through rate and response that almost NO IT firm gets right; if you are sending HTML e-mails I can guarantee you’re not doing it.

  • A new “voice broadcasting” telemarketing system that will enable you to prospect hundreds – even thousands – of businesses automatically without making a single cold call.

  • The single most important marketing piece you MUST have that will virtually guarantee you ONLY speak to highly-qualified prospects who are willing – even eager – to pay top dollar for IT support; this is price-shopper pest control for your business!

  • An honest, direct and extremely powerful method for getting C-level decision makers of larger companies eager to take your calls, meet with you and learn more about your services.

  • The “myth” of the unique selling proposition; how to stand out as the most in-demand IT consultant in your area even though your selling the same services as everyone else.

  • The “fool proof” marketing campaign checklist that will instantly reveal whether or not your marketing campaign will generate a response– be it a web site, postcard, Yellow Pages ad or flyer.

  • Five unbelievably easy and simple changes you can make to your web site that will force an overnight increase of 23% to 74% MORE leads that your current site.

  • A telemarketing script that will guarantee a healthy, hyper-responsive, highly qualified list of prospects – you should NEVER mail ANY list without using this “scrub” first; best of all, you don’t need an experienced telemarketer to do it.

  • A “plant the farm” sales letter sequence that will introduce your company and services to every business owner in your area on the cheap; use this if you are brand new, don’t have much name-recognition or if you want to generate a quick surge of new leads and “name recognition.”

  • An incredibly clever way to use Craig’s List, Monster and other “help wanted” web sites to get in the doors of bigger clients to sell managed services, project work and help desk services.

  • A simple trick that will turn the blank space on the back of your business card into a new client magnet.

  • The amazing “3 Question System” you can use on any client or prospect in any sales situation to INSTANTLY reveal exactly what that clients hot buttons are; this process is so powerful and SO simple you’ll be jumping out of your seat anxious to use it.

  • A BRILLIANT trade show marketing campaign that will get people FLOODING your booth.

  • The “charity-tie-in” campaign that will get you TONS of free press, a flood of new clients and the “halo” effect while simultaneously helping out a worthwhile charity you want to support.
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"From $13,000 To $82,000 Per Month"

"In just over a year of implementing Robin's IT marketing plan, my revenue surged from $13,000 per month to $82,000 a month."

- Scott Brennan, CMIT Solutions Of Fox Valley North
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