Michael Marlow

After Finally DOING The Campaigns In The Toolkit, We Generated 51 New Leads And Added $37,500 In NEW Monthly Recurring Revenue!

“We had survived on referrals from day one, and not "asked-for" referrals, but referrals that basically fell into our laps. Sure, I tried some marketing over the years, but it only brought in a few tire kickers and price shoppers. So I sprung for Robin's program. Wow, what a difference! We now have a defined target market, a solid USP, numerous raving-fan testimonials from clients and MULTIPLE Marketing Oil Wells, and have increased our monthly recurring revenue from $15,000 per month to $52,500 and growing! I am now completely reengaged and reinvigorated with my company and am seeing results from marketing, which I used to think was a complete waste of time, effort and money. This has been a game-changer!”

Information Systems of Montana

Raquel Chappell

In Just 3 Months, We Closed $732,892 In NEW Business!

“Robin, I would truly like to say THANK YOU for sticking with us. We started with you so many years ago and I thought I was putting in the work needed to succeed, but last year's Boot Camp finally brought it into focus for me. From that point forward, instead of quitting when I hit some roadblocks, I recommitted myself that it was my time to make things work.

But going to the Rapid Implementation Workshop was just what I needed to nail down things like our USP, our niche market and other marketing fundamentals, and it was the kick in the butt that got us DOING the marketing. Since the workshop, we have completed 15 campaigns and marketing initiatives, produced 22 leads and won three new MRR agreements totaling $660,892 over three years, $27,000 in off-site added to existing clients and new projects totaling $45,000, with many more to come.

The lesson learned from all of this? It takes massive, simultaneous action to generate the results we need in business. I'm making things happen now and I'm never going to quit on marketing again!”

CFO, Divergys, LLC

Mike & Fusun Bubernack

In Just 90 Days, Robin's Marketing Has Delivered Over $100,000 In Sales And A 500%+ ROI!

"After nearly 50 years in business, our company finally decided to get serious about marketing and joined up with Robin and the Producers Club. Little did we know what this decision really meant. Sure, we had all of Robin's materials, but we still hadn't really put them to use. We certainly hadn't done any campaigns (my regrettable loss).

This decision has proven to be the best decision we've made for the business. Now I'm implementing marketing instead of trolling networking events hoping for someone to do business with me, and I actually feel excited to do this marketing thing! Why? Because I see it working! I am not saying it is easy, but I am saying it is easier than I expected. In just 90 days, our company's ROI for everything that we've done with Robin is over 500%. I'll make that kind of investment every day, all day long!"

Owner, ET&T

Claudia Gimenes

We Closed A $440,000 Contract AND Produced 17 NEW Leads In Just A Few Months!

"Five years ago, I began massive efforts to transform our Brazilian-based IT company, AtuanTI, from a 100% IT products company to a services company. But despite some initial successful contracts to get our efforts going, I constantly worried about the business, as much of our success was attributed to intuition, gut feel and my past business experiences. I was recreating the wheel from the ground up and had no framework to do so. That's a scary place to put yourself in! My husband kept pushing me to listen to the "redheaded lady in America," but I kept putting it off until I couldn't stand to struggle anymore. That's when we bought the Toolkit and immediately signed up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop. (We actually spent our first anniversary there!)

Robin taught us so much at the workshop, everything from the RIGHT way to do campaigns, to defining your target marketing, measuring campaign performance, setting up KPIs and many other things that are finally getting us the results I have wanted for so long. After we left and implemented what we learned (and in less than three months), we closed a brand-new MRR deal worth $440,000 over the life of the contract AND produced 17 NEW leads! The way that we run our business and do marketing has drastically changed since the workshop. Thank you, Robin and team! You've made our life richer in many ways."



After Working With Robin For One Year, My Company Grew From $100,000 To $250,000 – And Today We're In Easy Reach Of $1 Million!

"When Trinity Networx was founded in 2008, we didn't have a marketing plan and all clients were obtained through 'word of mouth.' This worked great for a while, and I thought we were doing the right thing to build the business, but as time went on, I realized that relying solely on word-of-mouth advertising would not deliver the strong, continuous growth I wanted, nor was it a good way to get the high-profile clients I wanted.

When I look back on my business just a few short years ago, it's hard to fathom the impact Robin's company has had. Essentially, I felt like I was drowning. I was a floundering $100,000-per-year, one-man band just scratching to get by, relying solely on sporadic referrals that came in to keep me afloat. Thanks to Robin, I've now got $1.1 million in managed recurring revenue over the next 36 months with real marketing systems and processes in place to continue that growth. I'm getting larger clients as well, which is allowing me to invest in hiring new technicians, sales and marketing staff so I can start building the business. Today, I pay myself a consistent salary instead of grabbing money out of the business bank account when I need some. Now I have a R.E.A.L. business!"

Trinity Networx


I Added $720,000 In New Revenue From One Campaign I Got From Robin!

I'm proof that Robin's marketing just plain works. Believe me, I was skeptical. The first time I laid my eyes on the campaigns, I thought, "You've got to be kidding me. I'm NOT going to send this!" Now I can't even imagine that I thought that. I can honestly say I would never be where I am today in my business if it wasn't for Robin's marketing. From just a single cybersecurity seminar that was 100% Robin's materials, I generated 9 leads, which resulted in $720,000 in revenue! I am now determined to figure out how I can do these every single week and improve the process. After all, if it worked that good for a newbie to marketing like me, I'm sure I can continue to improve it the more I do.

Fedcom Technology


In One Year, We Grew Top Line Revenue By $920,489 And Net Profits By 57%!

“It's amazing what you can accomplish in a single year if you wake up every day focused on marketing and growth. In addition to adding nearly $1 million in revenue and slightly over 57% more net profit to our bottom line, we also increased MRR by 42.3% and increased our product margins from 10% to 30% this past year by using Robin's marketing campaigns and strategies. Stagnation in our business is now a thing of the past. Today, the outlook for my business is better than ever: my goal is to reach $5 million by next year and $10 million by 2020 (which we're on track to do). The secret to our success? We developed systems to get Robin's marketing campaigns consistently implemented.”

CEO of Palindrome Consulting


Robin's Marketing Has Tripled Our MSP Business!

“Using Robin's marketing over the past five years, we've experienced incredible growth, tripling our business. With that success came the need to move into a larger office space with more room for not only staff, but bigger and better in-house events.

I decided to use this relocation to hold an "Open House & Technical Showcase." As a serious student of Robin's, I implemented many of her campaigns to increase registrations, gain vendor participation and generate sales leads. As a result, we ended up with nearly 150 attendees and 41 leads for various services we offer. Within one month of this event, we had already sold over $43,000 in projects and closed two managed service sales, totaling $5,750 in monthly MRR. That's $207,000 over the next three years with a ton of potential still in the sales funnel!”

Capstone IT


We Had NOTHING In Place For Marketing And Were Completely Flat With Growth – And Now We'll Easily Hit $1 Million In Revenue This Year

“When we first found Robin, we were truly starting from scratch when it came to marketing. We lacked everything: a target market, a USP, a list, testimonials, brochures, and didn't have a SINGLE working marketing campaign. Even our website was mediocre at best (as I said, NOTHING). With Robin's help, we now have all of that in place and are seeing the results. Just one of her direct mail campaigns generated $217,277 in total contracts (over three years), giving us an ROI of 4,484%!

As a result of implementing Robin's campaigns, our revenues are up 25% over last year, our financials are looking great and I know we're just getting rolling. Now we're on a trajectory to surpass the $1 million mark this year—and I'm confident we'll hit it!”

Owner, CE-Technologies, Inc.


In Just 5 Years, Our Revenue Went From $175,000 To Over $2.6 Million

“Since we first purchased the Technology Marketing Toolkit, the impact it and Robin’s organization have had on our business is nothing short of amazing. In one year, we added over a million dollars in sales to our business while simultaneously increasing our net profit by 185%; so we’re not just adding to our top line but building a significant profit pool we can reinvest into our people, processes and service team, which in turn allows us to take great care of our clients. I can tell you from firsthand experience that if you will apply the campaigns, principles and lessons she’s giving you, you WILL grow. You WILL attract very lucrative clients. Robin and her team are the real deal and the community she’s built is simply incredible.”



All Of The Campaigns We Implemented Added Over $200,000 To Our Business And Boosted Our Profits By Over 52%

“When I came upon the Technology Marketing Toolkit, it was a rough time for my company; we only had about $300,000 in revenue with no marketing or sales systems in place. I sent out our first marketing campaign, and in four months had six managed services clients and $8,700 in monthly recurring revenue! I was hooked and started reading, learning and paying attention to everything Robin had to say, which helped us grow to $653,000 and then to $753,000 in the following year. Technology Marketing Toolkit has brought me rock-solid marketing and provided great peer group support. Thank you, Robin!”



Robin’s Marketing Has Added $2 Million In New Sales To My Business Over The Last 2 Years

“I can directly attribute a $2 million+ increase in gross sales as well as a 200% net profit increase to utilizing Robin’s marketing campaigns and techniques. They have enabled us to generate five times more leads for our business than we’ve ever had before and have enable our sales team to convert these leads into huge sales. I can’t point to just one single marketing campaign that has led to the success that we’ve had over the last two years, but I do know that our consistency in marketing has been the #1 factor contributing to the surge in sales and new leads we are experiencing now. If we hadn’t implemented Robin’s marketing tools, I’d still be stuck at $2.5 million instead of the $5 million business we are today.”

MVP Network Consulting


Last Year I Finally Broke Free Of Being A One-Man Band, Adding 2 Employees And Increasing Our Net Profit By 256%!

“Our business had hit a ceiling of generating just over $200,000 in revenue per year. Once we decided to invest in both the Toolkit and the Managed Services Blueprint we increased our profitability by 256% and added two full-time employees to take some of the workload off of me. Our secret is probably the same secret that most other successful MSPs have discovered: there is no one thing that will allow you to grow. Consistently marketing to our prospects along with being committed to implementing and building upon marketing and business basics, WILL result in success.”



I Have Learned More From You In The Last 24 Hours About My Own Industry, Let Alone Marketing, Than I Have In Months Using Any Other Source

“I am brand-new to your program and I’m going through it for the first time. I have to say I am very, very impressed with your presentations, your materials on the web site – all of it is great. I am overwhelmed right now, but the stuff seems really, really good. It has already given my crew all kinds of new ideas. You have been very helpful and I have learned more from you, your materials and organization in the last 24 hours about my own industry, let alone marketing, than I have in months using any other source. I am very grateful for you and thank you for doing such a good job in presenting this!”

Elston Technology Services, LLC


I Am So Glad We FINALLY Decided To Buy The Toolkit

“We have been dancing around buying your marketing system for years and we finally took the plunge. I LOVE everything I have seen so far and your staff has been very helpful. The content and program are great! I am so glad we finally dove in!”

Computer Care


We Added Over $1 Million In Revenue This Past Year

“This was truly an amazing year for us! Our bottom line increased by 163%, our managed services revenues by 82% and we added over a million in new sales using the marketing campaigns and strategies Robin provided us.”

ByteCafe Consulting


Thanks To Great Marketing, We Surpassed Our $3.6 Million Revenue Goal While Maintaining Our Profitability

“The past year was a challenge for me personally in many different ways, but thanks to Robin’s marketing, I now have the marketing systems in place that can help to make my company the best computer-support company in the world. Even through the troubles, we surpassed our $3.6 million goal this year!”

Dynamic Edge


We Have More Than Doubled Our Annual Sales From $1.6 Million To $3.6 Million

“Our marketing has gone from simply ‘looking good and not performing’ to delivering consistent, predictable RESULTS and ROI. Thanks to using Robin's marketing approach sales skyrocketed from $1.6 million to $3.6 million. Robin’s Marketing Roadmap has given us a solid plan for implementation and the confidence to reach our goal of $4.3 million this year.”



Using Robin's Marketing, We’re Bringing In $62,720 In Monthly Recurring Revenue (Up From $21,451), And That’s AFTER Firing 13 Low-Profit Clients

“Before working with Robin, we were only generating $21,541 in monthly recurring revenue. One year later, we’re up to $62,720 in MRR. This is AFTER firing 13 low-profit clients. That means our profitability is up dramatically and our entire team is a LOT happier now that we’re delivering our services to NEW clients who genuinely appreciate us and don’t beat us up on price. I’ve never done marketing before and I’m definitely not a savvy salesperson so naturally I was skeptical of Robin’s program at first. But sales are up and we’re winning clients away from cheaper competitors on a regular basis. If that won’t make you a believer that Robin’s marketing works, I don’t know what will!”



We Obtained 5 New Customers For A Total Of $9,790 A Month In Recurring Revenue Through Just One Canvassing Campaign

"Over the past year we have obtained five new customers with managed recurring revenue of $9,790 per month, strictly by using one of Robin's marketing campaigns. We have also been able to upsell these clients monthly with an average of $1,000 per month of extra services and products. Ultimately, the value of these five clients is nearly $11,500 per month in recurring revenue!

Robin has definitely taught me that I can sell anything. Thankfully, we're now a profitable, stable company with both a marketing plan and growth strategy in place!"

Tec Works


We’ve Added Over $20,000 in NEW Monthly Recurring Revenue So Far This Year!

“We took Robin’s advice and decided to focus on a niche. We chose the medical industry, as we had already experienced success there. We marketed to our list with a multipronged, multimedia approach of direct mail, telemarketing follow-up and canvassing. We are diligent with our marketing touches, using the templates Robin provides us, including monthly newsletters, Shock and Awe packages, TechTip e-mails, and our newly published book, Keeping I.T. Simple.

Using one particular marketing strategy, we added almost $12,000 in new MRR (over $430,000 total life of contracts) with a monthly spend of $3,000.

This year alone our revenue is up over 50%, and we’ve added over $20,000 per month in brand-new MRR. And now that our marketing is consistently bringing in two to three brand-new, highly qualified leads per week, I have no doubt this growth trend will continue at the same pace (or faster!)."



A Joint Venture Strategy We Learned From Robin Brought Us A 4,674% Return On Our Investment

“With the help of Robin’s joint venture strategy, we invested just over $2,000 in an event and closed over $100,000 in total sales that’s a 4,674% return on investment! We also increased our prospect list through this JV partnership and added good, qualified prospects. We closed two large deals, both of which offer recurring revenue for years to come.

By focusing on only our clients who were truly profitable and aligned with our managed services model, we experienced a 51% increase in monthly recurring revenue. Our gross profit has increased by 21% and our net profit has increased by a whopping 85%; all by focusing on getting more of the right customers and using the right campaigns that Robin has provided us."



We Finally Broke The $2 Million Mark AND Secured A 101% Increase In Net Profits

"I have been a client of Technology Marketing Toolkit for over five years and have had nothing but great results from the material! If you are ready to change your IT business for the better, then this product is for you. Using Robin's strategies, we finally broke the $2 million mark and secured a 101% increase in net profits! What she teaches and provides will truly make an impact IF you implement it. It's like a paint-by-numbers system that allows you to market to prospects, whether you have a background in marketing or not. The Producers Club is invaluable to me, and the guest speakers she brings into these events are people I would not have been able to meet, nor hear speak, at any other event that would be IT-related. Being in Producers Club has allowed me to grow my peer network of IT professionals and business owners from around the globe, and these are people who understand my business issues and can give guidance without being my competitor. Hands down, this has guided my personal growth and my company's success to where we are today and will continue to impact the growth of tomorrow and the years to come!"

Nashville Computer


We Grew Organically From $1.7 Million to $3.9 Million In 12 Months

“Using Robin’s marketing strategies, net profits went up by 231% during this same period. Having an effective marketing plan not only allowed me to get more clients, but also more PROFITABLE ones; further, it allowed my sales team to be far more effective at closing new managed recurring revenue contracts."

Intelligent Technical Solutions


I’ve Gone From $1,000 In MRR To $30,000 In The 3 Years I Used Robin’s Strategies And Marketing!

“Like many MSPs, I found marketing to be a completely foreign concept. Initially all of my clients came from word of mouth and I never had to go out and get the business. So bit by bit I learned marketing and implemented the tools and strategies Robin had given me.

I took Robin’s advice and transitioned all of my clients from a break-fix to a managed model. That has been a huge success and now, three years later, I’m up to $30,000 in MRR with just 2.5 people, plus project work, plus hardware and software sales. Bottom line has been solid black for the last two years and we paid off the $100,000 in debt we had accumulated in the leaner years.

I also systematized my referral program and I’m now reaching new clients by delivering seminars promoted through JV partners. By reminding myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day and setting one goal a week to further my marketing, I was able to succeed step by step in adding new marketing strategies to my business.

I wish I could take back the years I wasn’t attending events or using Robin’s methods. My advice for any new member is: don’t do like most people and let these strategies accumulate dust on the shelf they really DO work. Also, get in a peer group (for me it was Robin’s Producers Club). With Robin’s strategies and the support of my accountability group, I have built a solid business and a confidence in the future success of things to come.”

BOLDER Designs


Using A Consistent Combination Of Robin’s Marketing Strategies, I Have Grown My Business 47% Over The Last Year

“When I first started my business I was always looking for that one marketing ‘magic bullet’ I could use to repeatedly get new customers. What I have come to learn is that there is no one ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to being successful with marketing. Over the years, through much trial and error, I have discovered it takes multiple activities, working together consistently toward specific goals, and then measuring the results.

Using a consistent combination of canvassing office buildings, attending key business trade shows, networking, joint ventures, webinars, seminars, organic SEO, a monthly newsletter and Google AdWords, my business has grown 47%, breaking the $1 million barrier in revenue! This year we are shooting for $2 million and I feel confident we will get there.

Robin has taught me to track everything in our marketing. This actually allows for decisions based on real data and not based on emotions. Robin always says, Until someone buys your service, they don’t know how good you are. They only know how good your MARKETING is. With that in mind, I know I am on the right track since one of my prospective customers told me how good my marketing is, and that they would like ME to handle HIS marketing along with their technology.”

Computer Solutions Group, Inc.


We Have Increased Our Monthly Recurring Revenue By Almost 30%

“Since the implementation of the Technology Marketing Toolkit in late 2012, we saw early results by signing a new MRR (monthly recurring revenue) client from our first ‘Bad Date’ campaign ($1,750 MRR). We have continued to implement the ‘system’ and have increased our MRR since January by almost 30%. That’s counting our latest client, who will start next month, for $6,480 a month or $233,280 over the next three years, plus projects and hardware/software sales. Thanks for the knowledge!!”

Palindrome Consulting, Inc.


My Net Profit Is Up 250% And I Now Have $43,515 In MRR

“We grew in 2010 because we made some consistent marketing habits, dedicated resources to tasks, took care of current clients and made those things parts of our job.”

System Care, Inc.


Gross Sales Up 28% / Net Profit Up 173% / MRR Up 90%

“In two years we’ve grown like gangbusters! I wish I could say there was one magic bullet – one campaign that brought us new clients and an endless flow of money…The truth is, there wasn’t! It was blood, sweat and tears. We worked our @$$es off!”



Using The KLAMP Method,I Sent Out ONE E-mail Campaign, Which Secured $29,700 In Annual, Recurring Revenue Right Away And Eventually Got Me To A Total Revenue Increase Of $88,548!

“After letting the Toolkit sit on the shelf in my office for quite some time, I finally kicked off my marketing plan using Robin’s materials and strategies. I sent out the BDR e-mail campaign to existing clients and generated a 32% response rate and an increase of $29,700 in annual, recurring revenue. That represents a monthly increase of approximately 6% in our world.

Overall, I secured an additional $88,548 in revenue due to this ONE campaign! What can I say but ‘WOW’ and ‘Woohoo!!!’ This was an awesome jumpstart for us – something I wish I had done when I first got the Toolkit!”

Business Systems Solutions, Inc.


I Generated 19 Sales Totaling $156,450 Using Just One Of Robin’s Strategies!

“Before I found Robin and joined the Producers Club, I ‘thought’ I knew a thing or two about marketing. It turns out that what I knew a thing or two about was sales (and I knew a little bit about marketing).

I didn’t quite know at the beginning if the program would be worth the money. But I put her campaigns to work and from January through April, we received 57 referrals. So far those referrals have converted into 19 sales totaling $156,450 and we still have more deals to close. WOW! At this rate, I will have 171 referrals and 55 new clients by the end of the year.

I just can’t say enough good things about Robin. Now I know a thing or two about marketing thanks to her!”

EZ Solution


Not Only Did Robin Teach Me What Marketing Is, She Taught Me How To Use It To Increase Sales By 23%, Bring Net Profit Up 22% And Send My Recurring Revenue Soaring Up 184%!

“Over the last few decades, my business grew continuously, but was never particularly profitable. I drew an income, but nowhere near what I would have earned working for someone else.

My biggest problem was that I hated sales and had no idea what marketing was. I stumbled across Technology Marketing Toolkit and the money-back guarantee. I have to admit, I was skeptical, but I decided I might as well give it a go.

After lots of hard work, campaign planning and follow-up, I have finally learned how to market and do it successfully. It all started with one campaign. I took the plunge, sent out the letters and got results. I was able to secure a project with a new customer that brought in considerable profit.

I have to say thank you to Robin. Because of her advice and marketing campaigns, I’ve achieved major accomplishments in my business and my life. In this past year alone I was able to increase sales by 23%, bring net profit up 22% and send my recurring revenue soaring up 184%. I still have to work hard on the business, and there is an enormous amount to be done, but I will no longer live month-to-month wondering where my future income will come from.”

Navigatum & International Spokesperson For Technology Marketing Toolkit


This Is So Much Better Than Cold Calling!

“I hosted my first workshop today which was modeled after the Technology Marketing Toolkit. I just wanted you to know it went really well and I have now partnered with the local Chamber and will be hosting two more this summer! This is so much better than cold calling ;)”

Beowulf Technologies, LLC


We Increased Our Managed Services Recurring Revenue From $6,000 To $150,000 In Under A Year During A Very Tough Economy

“Thanks to Robin, I now have a documented sales process that any sales person in my company can follow without winging it.

Robin has opened my eyes to the fact that being a good sales person isn’t some magical process that only a select few can master — it truly is a methodical, step-by-step process that anyone can learn. After using this process over a one-month period, I have gone from closing one managed services contract per month, to now closing five per month!

In addition, the average time it is taking me to close accounts is three weeks as compared to the five to six months it previously took. Overall, we have closed six new accounts; four of those are brand new. The monthly recurring revenue from those six sales is $3,450; a total of $124,200 in revenue over 36 months. That’s not too shabby an ROI for the training I was originally afraid to spend my money on!”



During a tough economic time, our gross sales are now up 45.6%, our recurring income has climbed to 41.7% and last year was a banner year for us with sales up 25.8%

“We weren’t making a lot of money and were just plodding along at a snail’s pace and knew it was because we were in complete reaction mode. But we plugged along, not getting anywhere until a few years ago, when we met Robin Robins. We started using Robin’s information to send out a monthly newsletter. It was great! Robin has also helped us realize that our natural vertical was dental offices since David and I have direct, hands-on experience working in those businesses.

The results overall have been stellar. During a tough economic time, our gross sales are now up 45.6% since we started, our recurring income has climbed to 41.7% and last year was a banner year for us with sales up 25.8%. When you consider there are a lot of businesses closing their doors this is a pretty amazing bump. This year we raised our goal to almost double what we did last year, and I feel confident I can hit this goal because Robin’s marketing is working.”

ACT Smart


We have steadily increased our profits using Robin’s marketing strategies. Last quarter alone our revenues shot up by 38% and our gross margin has increased by 12%

“In our second year of business, we won a big account with 450 users. We were heavily reliant on this one major account. Then, the bad news came…that account closed their business and with one month’s notice they informed us they wouldn’t be needing our services anymore.

I searched the Internet for help with marketing. I was so desperate that I just wanted ANY help I could get. This is when I came across Robin.

Robin has changed my life. For starters, she helped me turn my business around and has given me the confidence and the tools to start ANY business and be successful in it. I know we have a fair way to go, but I know we have the tools, the know-how and the confidence to get there.”

Digital Armour


Our First Campaign Generated $16,250 In New Sales And Only Cost Us $60.10! This Campaign Not Only Brought Us New Customers, But Gave Us The Confidence And Experience We Needed To Continue To Make Our Business Successful!

“Before focusing on marketing our business and enrolling in Robin’s programs, we were barely surviving on referrals and word of mouth. This carried us in the beginning, but eventually sent us into an endless cycle of gaining and losing clients. This never-ending downward spiral, coupled with some issues in our personal lives, made us realize that we had to make some changes to make our business successful. Getting involved with Robin’s community and implementing her strategies have been some of the best decisions we have made.

Since purchasing the Toolkit, attending Boot Camp and eventually joining the Producers Club, we’ve had amazing results! Our first campaign generated $16,250 in new services, while costing us only $60.10! And, after implementing an SEO marketing plan and revamping our website, we closed four new contracts in one week totaling over $100,000 in annual revenue!

The biggest benefit we’ve received in using Robin’s marketing has been the peace of mind we now have. I love feeling in control of the success of our business by driving the marketing efforts. I no longer have sleepless nights due to financial worries. Now my (infrequent) sleepless nights are due to the great marketing ideas I have!”

Gaeltek, LLC


Thanks To Consistent Marketing And Great Vendor Support, Our Backup And Disaster Recovery Revenue Is Up 30% This Year!

“As a long-term client of Robin’s and a 15-year MSP veteran who has been through a massive learning curve about marketing, I’ve learned the most successful strategy has been using education-based marketing. By using the strategies Robin teaches like seminars, self-published books, articles and more, I am able to properly educate my customers on the importance of having a backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

Consistently marketing our message through these methods has allowed us to grow our backup disaster and recovery revenue over 30% this year, and we’re poised to do even more! I am proud to have been named BDR Industry Ambassador and Intronis Spokesperson for these efforts.

A lot of our success is attributed to our great partner relationships with Robin Robins and Intronis. Having a consistent sales and marketing funnel and the solid technology in place to back it up, have allowed us to soar in profits and confidence.”

Jenaly Technology Group


Once I Understood That We Are As Much A Marketing Company As We Are A Technology Company, We Grew Our Net Income Over 307%!

“We have been followers of Robin for five years. Aside from the marketing campaigns and loads of information that we get from the program, the most valuable thing that Robin and her team has provided me with is the ability to be totally clear and honest about my business.

I never internalized the idea that we are as much a marketing company as we are a technology company. Once I made that realization and, as a result, started to become a better entrepreneur, we experienced exponential growth. The numbers simply speak for themselves. In the course of one year, our managed services revenue increased 76.8% and, more importantly, our net income increased 307%!

Would I have been able to get where I am today without Robin and the program? No way. Would I like to be the person who tells the world about how they can change their lives using Robin’s program…most definitely!”

Netropole, Inc.


In One Year We Generated Over $231,000 In NEW Business, While Only Investing $16,886 In Marketing – That's A More Than 1,300% Return On Investment

“I started InnoTek in 1999 with the mission of helping business owners run their businesses more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Every year I was growing InnoTek, and we were good at what we did.

Ironically, InnoTek was able to accomplish the goal of efficiency and profitability for our clients, but I was not able to do this for InnoTek.

After years of struggling I decided this needed to change so I began a mission to save my business, improve my quality of life and create success, with a focus on efficiency and profitability for InnoTek.

This all started when I found Robin and enrolled in her programs. She taught me that an entrepreneur needs structure, support groups and real training in order to run and grow a successful business. Her leadership, direction and of course, marketing paid off big for InnoTek. In one year, we generated over $231,000 in NEW business while investing $16,886 in marketing efforts. That’s more than a 1,300% return on our investment. My mission was accomplished… We made InnoTek efficient and profitable and continue to do so.”



We Have Been In Business For Over 15 Years, And I Had Never Cracked The Million-Dollar Revenue Barrier. Thanks To Consistent Marketing, In Our 16th Year, We Shattered That Number – Nearly Doubling Our Revenue Numbers From Last Year!

“Today we are a very organized and profitable company with monthly recurring revenue covering our expenses by the first of every month – but it wasn’t always this way. At one time, I was extended beyond my means, so I did things I promised myself I would never do. Extended credit lines, reached into savings…I felt violated and taken advantage of, and I had done it to myself.

We slowly grew to a point where I was comfortable and we were surviving, but I knew I needed to do more. I finally caved in and bought the Technology Marketing Toolkit and joined the Producer’s Club. Robin’s support plus that of our Accountability Group helped me to finally start executing on marketing. Progress was slow at first with several hurdles along the way, but by the fifth month, we had processes in place and started to experience real results!

We have been in business for over 15 years, and I had never cracked the million-dollar revenue barrier. I had knocked on the door, but never any further. In our 16th year, we finally managed to shatter that number, nearly doubling our previous year’s revenue numbers! For the first time I finally feel balance in both my family and business life. I am truly grateful to Robin and the amazing quality of business owners she has attracted to this group which has enabled me to create a better life by building and better a business.”

CodeFusion Communications


During The First Year Since Implementing Robin’s Campaigns, I Obtained 10 New Clients Reactivated 4 Former Clients, And Signed Up 17 Managed Services Clients

“Like a lot of Robin’s clients, I bought the Toolkit, but didn’t actually crack it open until much later. I was looking for that quick-fix to get me going. What I have learned is that it’s not about a ‘shot in the arm,’ but it’s all about following the recipe, staying the course and going through the process.

With Robin’s help, I have implemented multiple campaigns, all resulting in huge gains for me and my company. I have obtained 10 new clients, reactivated four former clients who were in the ‘gone or forgotten’ category and recently launched my monthly managed services offering, signing up 17 clients.

One thing for sure is that this is all a constant learning experience. Most of all, I know that with Robin’s outlines and my own initiative and style I’ll be able to take my company into the rest of this decade with the knowledge that growth is inevitable, that having a successful business is based on how my clients appreciate the work I do on their behalf and how satisfied they are with the results.”

Heliotropic Systems, Inc.


In just a year’s time, we secured a 46% increase in sales at a whopping 37% profit margin – and thanks to our HaaS offering, that’s going to increase even more

“We’ve implemented a lot of campaigns and as a result, we’ve seen a 46% increase in sales over just a one-year period. The campaigns are great, but above all, the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve made through Robin’s Producers Club have been worth the price of admission.

Thanks to all the encouragement and support, sales are up, profits are up and our average contract price point is up as well. There’s a real positive ‘can-do’ attitude at the office and a feeling that there’s no goal we can’t accomplish. “

SNC Squared, Inc.


Prospects Now Approach ME, And Customers Think Of Me As Their Trusted Technology Advisor, Not Just Some IT Guy.

“Before working with Robin, Jeff and the Producers Club, my business was only growing through referrals and networking. Unfortunately the referrals and new clients I was getting were not my target. They were break/fix, low-profit and generally clients that didn’t ‘get it.’ They mostly viewed me as just another tech guy. I really struggled to differentiate myself and attract quality prospects.

Now that I have learned Robin’s marketing systems and implemented her campaigns, I have positioned myself as a Trusted Technology Advisor in my community. By differentiating myself through marketing, I now have people I want as clients coming up to me at Chamber events, handing me their business card and asking me to call them. People recognize me and see me as a trusted advisor rather than just another IT guy. This positioning has made a huge difference in the success of my business.”

Arizona Tech Works


Consistently Utilizing Robin’s Campaigns, We Are On Pace To Increase Gross Revenue 30% And Increase Our Net Profits By A Whopping 250%!

“Before finding Robin, our sales were just hovering. We were making a profit, but I was incredibly frustrated by the lack of growth. It seemed as though we were stuck and needed to figure out how to get over the hump to bring more new customers in the door.

Shortly after signing up with Robin, we had two catastrophic events happen that had the potential to put us out of business. Those events included losing two clients along with over 20% of our revenues immediately, leaving a big, gaping hole in our profitability. Leveraging Robin’s strategies, we were able to sign 26 new accounts that same year and re-sign one of those lost accounts a few months later.

Generating results requires more than just the occasional campaign – it takes a serious effort and focus. It’s hard to say which particular campaign gave us the best results overall, but it IS working. With this consistent focus and effort, we are experiencing amazing growth…I am on pace to increase gross revenues 30% this year and net profits are up 250%!”

Alpha NetSolutions, Inc.


Using Robin’s Marketing, We Have Exceeded Our Gross Revenue Goal By $22,500 And Revenue Is Up 20% From Where We Were Last Year At The Same Time

“For once, I feel like we are moving in the right direction instead of being all over the place with our marketing plan. My advice for any business owner is to implement something and commit to being consistent with it. When you have that strategy well underway, find another strategy and go to work on getting that implemented as well.

Keeping this process of consistently implementing varying marketing campaigns has helped me not only meet my revenue goals, but exceed them by $22,500.”

KI Technology

Not Only Are We On TrackTo Hit The $1 Million Mark, But For The First Time In The History Of Our Company We Are Actually Profitable, Adding Over 19% To The Bottom Line This Year

“We bought the Toolkit and Blueprint, but it wasn’t until we really started IMPLEMENTING multiple campaigns that things really started to click. We took a step back and developed a 90-day marketing plan. We decided to focus on a few key things that would help us become profitable, rather than doing 1,000 things halfway. Developing a JV strategy, creating a monthly newsletter and perfecting our sales process has made this year our best revenue year ever! Our goal is to hit the $1 million mark this year, and bring our MRR up to $75,000/ month. But, MORE importantly, for the FIRST TIME in the history of our company we are actually profitable – over 19% to the bottom line so far this year. Robin provides us with truly unbelievable tools and great value. She’s helped us begin the process of learning how to grow our business and become profitable business owners.”

ThinkTech Computers, Inc.


Our Recurring Revenue Is Up 66% Since The Beginning Of The Year And We’re Projecting Overall Revenue Growth Around 15% – Plus I’ve Exceeded Our Sales Quota By 100% In Our Web Services Division In Just The Last Few Months!

“Before Robin, I didn’t know anything about managed services. I was looking for that type of solution based on my experience in the corporate world (I knew there had to be a better way than break/fix; I just hadn’t found it yet). Our revenues are probably double what they were back then too. The business is much better organized and more efficiently run. Of course, the sales and marketing successes have enabled me to hire better-quality people who deliver better-quality work, and we’re poised for a lot more growth. We have a lot more work to do (who doesn’t?) and a lot we want to improve on, but I don’t think I would have made it this far on my own. I know we’d be nowhere close to where we are today without Robin’s help and the people (fellow members, coaches and trainers) she’s introduced us to.”

CIO Services


Our Numbers Speak Louder Than Words! Sales Topped $1.39 Million, But Most Importantly, Our Net Profit Was Up Over 575% In One Year!

“I was introduced to Robin and enrolled in her program several years ago. Like many newbies, I faced the challenge of not knowing how to really get started, but I took a stab, dove in and began implementing Robin’s strategies. As my momentum was gearing up, I had a serious accident that laid me up for months. I made the decision to not let this down-time go to waste. During my recovery, I decided to work ON my business. I read the Toolkit cover to cover, I set up a web cam to conduct sales appointments and I did anything that I could to keep my business running smoothly and maintain the progress I had gained.

Just as I started to get back on my feet, literally and figuratively, another disaster hit. Our office was flooded and in just a few hours we lost over $150,000 as well as our forward momentum that had taken us years to build.

Thanks to my marketing know-how, I was able to drive much-needed revenue to rebuild our business. We rebuilt beyond what we had ever achieved. Our sales last year topped $1.39 million, but most importantly, our net profit was up over 575% in one year! The key lesson I have learned is that you never know when a disaster could strike, and if you don’t have sufficient business coming in or retained earnings to overcome life’s hiccups, you could lose everything. I am especially thankful to Robin and her team for showing me how to rise above hard times to even greater success.”

Just Solutions, Inc.


We Love The Newfound Success From Our Marketing. In Fact, Our Revenues Are Up 71% And Profits Are Up 85%!

“When we found Robin and the Toolkit, we knew we had found something that would force us to stop working ‘in’ our business and start working ‘on’ our company.

To really capitalize on what our marketing could do, we had to be comfortable that we could properly service clients the way we promised we would. We wanted to walk the talk of our new marketing materials, so we used the Toolkit as a measuring stick to take a hard look at our company, our market and even our competition. Now, we’re no longer just the 'computer repair guy,' we’ve positioned ourselves as the go-to experts in technology, and it shows.

There are two things we learned: the Toolkit materials always yield a response, and you have to be prepared.

Our revenues are on track for a 65% increase over last year, and with just a quarter left in the year, we’re right on target to top $500,000 in revenues for the first time ever! After a 71% revenue increase and an 85% increase in profits, we are feeling the growing pains from our newfound success, and we love it!”

Invisik Corporation


Total Revenue Up 57.1%!

“Although money was tight, I knew I needed to invest in learning how to market my business – and I needed to learn fast. So when I heard about Robin, I jumped in with both feet and purchased both the Toolkit and Managed Services Blueprint, an investment that has really paid off. I have begun to make better use of CRM and practice management tools based on some of Robin’s recommendations and the experiences of the other partners and vendors on the Q&A/Guest Calls. My results have been incredible. The year-over-year growth is as follows:

Total Revenue: +57.1%
Gross Profit: +27.1%
Total Income: +26.3%

However, there are other lessons that I have learned. One is that it really doesn’t start with a particular letter series, postcard, website modification or Google Ad. You just have to start somewhere.”

CMIT Solutions Of San Antonio


Implementing Robin’s Marketing Strategies Has Allowed Me To Sleep Better At Night, Knowing I Have The Revenue I Need To Keep My Business Going

“The first year we were a total break-fix business. With that model, we had to sit around until someone had a problem then jump to get their issue resolved. We weren’t profitable, didn’t have a steady stream of income and didn’t have any reliable ways to generate new clients outside of referrals. It didn’t take long to figure out ‘I didn’t like this’ so I decided to try Robin’s strategies.

Implementing Robin’s marketing strategies has allowed me to sleep better at night and not have to worry about where the next check to make payroll will come from. It’s also comforting to know each month starts with revenue. Our number of clients increased by 49% the first year and by 38% the following year.

To summarize the Robin experience I would say it’s made me aware that you need to show up every day. All the tools in the world look nice in the box, but to be successful they need to be put to use.”

SMB Networks, LLC


We Went From Selling Break-Fix Services To Over $19,237 Per Month In Profitable Managed Contracts. By May Of This Year, We Had Already Generated MORE Revenue Than We Did In All Of Last Year

“We started Spectrum Technology Solutions in April of 2009 and ran it part-time for a few months until a friend of mine who ran a small IT support company as well happily gave us his 10 break/fix clients when he decided to move away from Phoenix. At first we thought this would be our ticket to build some quick monthly revenue, but we soon learned that there was a reason why he was so willing to give away his clients. They were demanding, cheap and had zero interest in managed services.

We were making money, but just enough to pay the bills, and we knew we needed better marketing to attract a higher-quality client. Fortunately a Google search led us to Robin and her marketing materials. We dove in and invested in the Technology Marketing Toolkit and ultimately the Producers Club.

After a few starts and stops, we now have finally built up our marketing engine to include newsletters, direct mail campaigns, free reports and canvassing. Each time we do another campaign, the results are incredible. By May of 2012 we already had more YTD revenue than we had all of last year, and we are on track to grow our total revenue by 120% this year. Our MRR has already increased by 75% YTD and will likely more than double by the end of this year.

In the beginning, it took some time to get started and get on track. We would tell anyone who is at this point to just get moving. An object at rest stays at rest. An object in motion continues to stay in motion. Make the choice to be the object that propels your business toward growth and profit. Get the momentum started with canvassing and newsletters, and make a commitment to cultivate the relationship that you have with your existing clients to build trust (and wow them) so that they will refer their friends. We are so thankful we have learned this and now know how to market our business successfully!”

Spectrum Technology Solutions


Robin’s Marketing Generated Well Over $140,000 In New Revenue In A Short Period Of Time

“With Robin’s marketing program, my company saw results fast! Right away we closed one deal resulting in approximately $50,000 a year in recurring revenue! I can confidently say Robin’s marketing has generated well over $140,000 in new recurring revenue in a very short period of time. The progress we made over a 10-week period using Robin’s marketing was more than we accomplished in all of last year.

I’m a pretty big skeptic and I looked long and hard on the Internet for somebody saying something negative to confirm my skepticism in regards to Robin’s program. I came up empty-handed and I am so glad I did. I must admit the fire hose of information Robin turns on at first is a bit overwhelming, but my continual plugging away at that checklist day by day started to give me confidence and help me see I was making real progress. I want to thank Robin a million times over!”

Technology Practice Manager, ISH


Thanks To Robin, We Increased Profits By 292% And NEW Clients By 72% In A TOUGH Economy

“Using Robin’s campaigns, we not only survived but grew an additional 10% in gross sales ($495,524), increased profits by 292%, added to our total number of clients (54) and increased our monthly managed services income to $31,698. We accomplished all of this by redoubling our marketing efforts using Robin’s strategies. I would strongly recommend that anyone needing more clients and more revenue enroll in Robin’s program – and use it! We are proof positive that you don’t need to be marketing rock stars or super-salespeople to get results. “

Myers Network Solutions


In just over a year of implementing the TMT, my revenue surged from $13,000 per month to $82,000 a month…and we’ll wind up at the end of this year doing about $580,000!

“When CMIT brought in Robin to help the franchisees with our marketing, I was skeptical. After all, I was facing a monthly deficit of $17,000 and was considering closing up shop and getting a job.

In just over a year of implementing the TMT, my revenue surged from $13,000 per month to $82,000 a month. I ended 2007 with about $265,000 in revenue and we’ll wind up at the end of 2008 doing about $580,000.”

CMIT Solutions Of Fox Valley North


Robin, thanks to your marketing, I was able to get on the front cover of “Custom Solutions Magazine” and land a $200,000 sale!

“I listened to one of the teleseminars you held awhile back on getting free PR, and the guy you interviewed talked about how you can use a free report to get published in a magazine and how to position yourself as a resource for reporters.

I started using some of the techniques he recommended – and the fact that we landed on the front cover of Custom Systems magazine is proof positive that this works! And in addition to this article, I’ve also been quoted and referenced in many other articles.”

President, US itek, Inc.


We Generated $39,000 In Sales In Just 2 Hours. You Truly Inspire And Motivate Us To Be Our Best

“Robin, thank you for sharing your years of marketing experience, organization, growth, successes and failures with us! You motivate us every time. You have taught us how to literally go out and get new sales systematically and reliably.

I know without a doubt that if we keep going and make marketing as consistent as computers breaking– then we will be able to realize the dream of having new clients flooding in every month!”

Owners, MIS Solutions, Inc


We’ve Already Generated Over $44,000 In New Sales Thanks To Robin’s Marketing

“We’ve already generated over $44,000 in new sales thanks to Robin’s marketing!

We have $9,900 per month in recurring revenue from our managed services program we launched in May.

All this is to a tough market – home users!”

Chicago Computer Club


With Robin’s Marketing, Our Total Revenue Is Up By 56.9%, And We’re On Track To Have Our Best Year Ever!

“When implementing Robin’s marketing, one thing I learned was NOT to change the recipe but to follow her strategies to the letter. When I first saw the campaigns she gave us, I didn’t trust they would work so I changed them. Big mistake! That didn’t work. Then I was reminded of some advice a self-made millionaire gave me once: ‘If you meet someone and their pile of money is bigger than YOUR pile of money, you need to listen to them.’ So I regrouped and stopped trying to second-guess the campaigns. The next campaign I mailed out was exactly as Robin directed. And guess what? That one campaign brought in $146,186 in sales AND we got four clients under a managed services contract.

Thanks to Robin’s coaching and guidance, we continue to grow by taking action. We are no longer sitting on our butts worrying about the next gadget or technical gizmo that we have no control over. This marketing works if you are willing to do the work to make it happen!”

System Care, Inc.


Not only have we recession-proofed our business, but we’ve also increased sales by 40% without a dedicated sales team!

“Prior to getting involved with Robin, we never were consistent with our marketing. We didn’t like doing it, didn’t have a background in it and, therefore, we weren’t good at it. With just one of Robin’s campaigns, we tripled the number of managed services clients we had, and we’re still finishing up some of those meetings and closing sales!

Has all this hard work paid off? You bet! We had less staff, we were refocused, tripled our managed services revenue and our sales are up 40% – even though we let our one and only full-time sales rep go!”

Main Street Software


Much Of The Work In Selling Is Done Before I Even Meet With My Prospects!

“Robin, when you tell us it’s important to deliver to deliver 'extreme value' to our clients, you lead by example – and I want to thank you SO much for all you’ve done for IT guys like us.

I’ve been in the IT industry a long time, taking care of networks and selling IT services, but I can honestly say that I have learned more in these seven weeks in your program about marketing than over my entire career. My head is ready to explode, and I mean that as a compliment to you. I find myself listening to your programs multiple times in order to soak it all in; and every time I listen, I find a new idea or a key point that I missed before.

But most importantly, you’re 100% authentic. Some people might think you’re too direct, but I appreciate your candor and telling it like it is. There is so much value in what you do that I wanted to let you know and give you encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you!”

DTS InfoTech


In The First 5 Months We’ve Doubled Our Revenues

“Since we came on board in November, in the five months that we’ve been doing this we have doubled our revenues. We have better contacts. We’ve raised our prices to our customers. It truly is an amazing thing, and I recommend this to everybody. Thank you.”

Mentis Group, Inc.


Marketing Is Your Business!

“I have learned through Robin that marketing is what is important to make your business grow. To be able to service your clients correctly, your business has to be healthy. I highly recommend that anyone who is not using Robin’s programs get into it with both feet and just take everything and move your business in the right direction.”

MRW Systems, Inc.


My Revenue Has Increased By 35%

"Since obtaining Robin's Kit, I've converted all but two customers to a managed services plan, which has increased my revenues by approximately 35%. I've made a significant investment in Kaseya and have 25% of my customers on Silver, 40% on Gold, 20% on Platinum and 15% on All-Inclusive. My monthly credit-card receipts are more than triple what they were when I was selling block time. Overall, I've increased my business last quarter (compared to last year's first quarter) by more than 100% with Robin's help."

President, e-Tech Software


Achieved A Solid 25% Increase In Sales

"Before joining Robin's Master Mind Group, I was completely relying on word-of-mouth advertising and sales from existing clients to generate revenue; and while that grows a little bit, it's difficult to scale sales fast that way. I knew I needed a better marketing plan and that's why I decided to join Robin's coaching program. Now I've got a very professional-looking website, brochure, lead generation offers and marketing materials that really sell. I've definitely seen an increase in the number of new leads and interest from our partners, and have achieved a solid 25% increase in sales. Obviously I'm very happy with the return and the results I've received from the program."

President, Direct Link


Our Bottom Line Profits Are Up 120%

“Robin’s approach is perfect for a computer service firm on a small budget. I signed up for her program and she has consistently delivered more than she promised. After using her tools and advice, our top line revenue is up 18% and bottom line profits are up 120%. I’m 100% convinced that anyone who signs up for this program and takes Robin’s advice will experience the same results. I’m very happy with the results and the services she provides, and will remain a client forever.”

President, NetBase Technologies


I Signed Five New Prospects For $10,850 Per Month In NEW Recurring Revenue

"I decided to put my skepticisms aside and give your marketing a fair shot. Long story short, with one campaign I signed five new prospects for $10,850 per month in NEW recurring revenue. Robin, thank you so much for your help and guidance; however, I can't help but think if you had written a few more articles and caught my attention two years sooner, you could have saved me thousands of dollars."

President, Terian Solutions


480% Increase In Sales In A Year

“Back in January of 2007, we were only doing about $9,300 in sales, had a cash-flow deficit of $11,000 and only three clients on a recurring revenue basis (managed services). Business was looking pretty grim at that point. But by the end of the year, we had over $31,000 in gross sales coming in on a recurring basis and our monthly net profit was about $22,000. We were able to secure 18 new clients on a managed services basis and, by January of 2008, our total monthly sales were $54,000; that’s a 480% increase. But one of the key things that got me out of my financial hole was a mindset change. I had been working too hard IN the business. I am a technician at heart and at first I had to do all the work to keep things going. But I realized that if I was going to grow, I needed to make a change and take a leadership role in the business by hiring two new technicians to free up my time to focus on marketing and business growth. This is a real sticking point for a lot of people in our industry, but now that I’ve made the change, it’s very exciting.”

CM IT Solutions


Big Numbers Are No Longer Out Of Reach

"I have to say without a doubt that meeting you and signing on with your program is the best decision I have made for our company. After using your methods for the last six months and sticking to our marketing program, we have been able to close an additional $357,000 in managed services revenue this year. This is definitely exciting for us as most of our clients sign three-year contracts, so quite honestly that is about $1.1 million in additional revenue that we would not have had if you did not get me to finally take that plunge! Thank you for helping to restructure our company into a moneymaking machine!"

CEO of ServerPlex Networks


$290K In Sales In 18 Months

“I got the attention of two really great clients using Robin’s ad. Thanks to Robin’s marketing, I’ve been able to cash in sales of $290K in the last 18 months ALONE.”

President of Atlantec LLC


I Can’t Believe How Far Our Marketing Efforts Have Come In A Short Amount Of Time

"Working with Robin Robins and the Technology Marketing Toolkit is amazing. Robin has inspired me to grow my business. She provides outstanding processes and materials to help me improve my IT business. The best part is being exposed to all the talented members of her Producers Club. Everyone is willing to share best practices so we can all learn from each other. I can’t believe how far our marketing efforts have come in a short amount of time."

Secure Future Tech Solutions


If You Have An IT Business And A Willingness To Follow Her Instructions, Robin’s Program Can Improve Your Income

"After hearing Robin speak this morning, it was obvious that she is passionate about what she does and has experience to back her advice. In four days of feeding, rewarding, training, entertaining and encouraging 800 attendees, she and her staff delivered an excellent program that have I already paid to attend again next year. I’m a cheap skeptic and I haven’t quite bought into her upper-tier marketing packages, but most everything she offers comes with a money-back guarantee. The one time I tried to take her up on the guarantee, her staff worked to get me happy while making it clear that they would refund all my money if that was what I wanted.

After talking with a dozen or so random attendees this week at her event who had bought full-service packages, I became confident that if you have an IT business, a willingness to follow her instructions and enough money to afford her services, Robin’s program can improve your income. I didn’t meet a single person who was unhappy with their arrangement with TMT and I was looking hard."

ProComp Networking Solutions


If You Are An MSP That Is Looking For A Way To Boost Your Sales And Marketing With An Organization That Is No-Fluff, High Integrity, Focused On Your Results And Success, I Would Highly Recommend The Technology Marketing Toolkit

“I have been in the Technology Marketing Toolkit Producer’s Club for four years now. I have been in several other coaching/performance-type organizations, though this one has stuck for me. Robin Robins is the leader and she is a very driven force who really cares to deliver great value to her customers, which are SMB IT companies. She is also approachable and makes herself available if you need to get her input. She really cares a great deal about the people that are in her program and she really knows her stuff when it comes to sales and marketing. The accountability group experience that is part of the Producer’s Club program is also one I greatly enjoy. So, bottom line, if you are an MSP that is looking for a way to boost your sales and marketing with an organization that is no-fluff, high integrity, focused on your results and success, I would highly recommend the Technology Marketing Toolkit."

Xerillion Corp.


Our Growth And Profit Is Directly Tied To The Marketing Methods Of Robin Robins

"I’ve been with Technology Marketing Toolkit for about a year, and my business partner has been with Technology Marketing Toolkit for years and years. I was skeptical at first, but as I became involved, I saw the positive results and how it has positively impacted my business. Our growth and profit is directly tied to the marketing methods of Robin Robins and her TMT plan. Quite literally, it changes my outlook and view on how I approach clients and customers as well as prospective clients. I highly recommend this program and process to anyone who owns any kind of IT business!"



We Have Improved Our Processes, Put New Specific Plans In Place, Turned Unconverted Leads Into Clients And Increased Our Profitability In The Few Short Months We Have Worked With Technology Marketing Toolkit

"We’ve worked with a lot of other marketing 'experts' in the past, many of whom have proven to be all 'smoke and mirrors' when it came time to really providing us with what we needed to be successful. Working with Robin Robins at Technology Marketing Toolkit has been totally the opposite! No 'smoke and mirrors' with Technology Marketing Toolkit, but rather, tangible resources, effective marketing campaign ideas, solid advice and guidance based on years of proven experience in marketing. Robin’s direct, no-nonsense approach, backed by the effectiveness of her ideas and suggestions, has been life-changing for me personally as well as for our company. Robin and her amazing team have been the best find, EVER.

The content, process and easy-to-follow marketing strategies have totally changed our approach and success. Working with Technology Marketing Toolkit has been extremely energizing and beneficial for our company, and I would HIGHLY recommend working with Robin and her team. Every step of the way you will feel they are 100% invested in your success, if you are committed and do your part. There is no need to pursue them if you are not a 'get 'er done' kind of person. You have to put in the work! Winners, people who will put in the blood, sweat and tears and work with Robin, will only grow and become more successful. We have improved our processes, put new specific plans in place, turned unconverted leads into clients and increased our profitability in the few short months we have worked with Technology Marketing Toolkit.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with our experience and the results we’ve seen since hiring Robin and her team to help us with our marketing initiatives. We love the step-by-step, fully created marketing campaigns provided by Robin. Everything you need is at your fingertips! They are easy to understand and implement. Investing in becoming a member of Robin’s Producer’s Club, and the accountability that comes along with that group, is what really has made all the difference.

We are so thankful to have put in all that we have over the last several months, following many of Robin’s marketing campaigns to the letter. Our investment of time and money has proven to produce results beyond our expectations and has set us up for an even more successful future."

Keller Schroeder


I Wouldn’t Hesitate To Recommend Robin Robins Wholeheartedly

"We have been clients of Technology Marketing Toolkit for almost two years. We started slowly, as we were skeptical of all the changes we’d have to make to our business. Over time, though, each change we made brought us new results. We were delighted and finally decided to go all in and just trust and follow. That was a great decision for us and we are not looking back. Each month we are more and more convinced that this was the right thing for us to do to help us grow our business. We are happier and our customers are happier. We have met the most amazing business owners and have learned from them too. We are so grateful for the opportunities we have been given. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this organization wholeheartedly."


Now I Spend All My Time Doing Proposals

"We've had an ongoing bet with our investors; if we didn't break the $1 million mark, we had to buy them a bottle of expensive champagne. If we do more than $1 million, THEY buy the champagne for us. After a few years of buying the champagne for them, I finally got serious about marketing and hired Robin to help us. Now I spend all my time doing proposals and rarely have to do any prospecting. As a matter of fact, we've had to hire two new salespeople to handle all of the new leads and customers we have. Needless to say, we think that we got tremendous value from working with Robin and now have the ability to think like marketing people instead of IT people. What a difference! This year will be the first year we don't have to buy the champagne!"


You Will See A Marked Improvement In Your Business

"When I first saw the program being offered by Robin Robins, I was truly skeptical. I saw this program being another in a large group of companies offering guidance and training without substance. Boy, was I WRONG!!! This isn't the typical 'become a super-salesman' hype! It is actual, specific and detailed directions for you, your sales staff and your company. Our sales and marketing programs are improving on a daily basis. We are becoming more and more effective with our policies, and as time goes on we are now seeing a dramatic improvement, not only in initial sales, but a huge increase in client retention and satisfaction. Being shown, directed and reminded of various managerial aspects of my business and also able to discuss those items is priceless. Normally, I would never recommend a coaching program, but I have to say, this one works! If you follow the guidance Robin and her periodic guests provide, you WILL see a marked improvement in your business."

CEO, ADAM Technologies, Inc.

A Real Eye-Opener

"Your sessions have been a real eye-opener for our company. Just tremendous teaching, workbooks and knowledge on your part. Our marketing strategies have been all wrong for the last four years, and with this type of training we are now headed in the right direction for obtaining new customers."

COO, Rothe Computer Solutions

You Won’t Regret It!

“I consider Robin a dear friend and consult with her often for one main reason: she knows her stuff. If you aren’t sure how to make an impact with your clients or get the return on your marketing dollars that you’re looking for, sign up for Robin’s program and I promise you won’t regret it. I guarantee those talks with finance will be more enjoyable.”

VP of Marketing LANDesk

You Will Get Results

“Why should someone sign up for your program? Simple: THEY WILL GET RESULTS. Every single person that has the opportunity to listen to your coaching should make it a mandatory exercise. They will immediately be able to put to use the guidance and tips you give…your product gets results, case closed. Thanks for your help.”

Senior Tech Sales Manager Specialized Information

Hire Robin, You’ll Be Glad You Did

“We use Robin to create e-mail and direct mail lead generation campaigns for us because she is a master at writing sales letters that convey our message in a convincing and powerful way. Plus she is a breeze to work with. If you need a great marketing campaign, hire Robin; you’ll be glad you did.”

Presiden, Long Island Computer Corporation

One Of The Industry’s Most Innovative Marketing Personalities

“As a Director at Novell I have had the unique opportunity to work with Robin Robins on many projects. Robin displayed a true professionalism seldom found in the marketing industry today, with incredibly innovative ideas to help win back customers for our loyal channel partners. I have no hesitation in recommending Robin as one of the industry’s most innovative marketing personalities. If Robin cannot help your marketing efforts, I am not sure anyone else can.”

Director Channel Programs, Novell Inc.

I Highly Recommend Using Robin’s Expertise

"We have invited Robin to present on several occasions to our member base. Her coaching has given us invaluable insights on how to create e-mail marketing campaigns and other marketing strategies that will generate sales leads at virtually no cost. Our CT Pioneer members find her presentations insightful, practical and very relevant to helping them build their businesses in these most trying economic times. I highly recommend using her expertise in gaining the strategic advantage you need to compete and win in this challenging marketplace. We are!"

Partner, Career Computers, Inc.

Shortens The Sales Cycle

"Robin has been an invaluable advisor in helping us define our managed services offering. She has developed a cohesive, targeted marketing campaign that gets us to the decision maker fast and significantly shortens the sales cycle. Our goal has been to get our engineers in front of clients as quickly as possible because they are our best salespeople. Robin has helped make that happen."

Director of Operation, Polar Systems

Our First Marketing Test Paid For The Entire Investment

"We were debating purchasing the Technology Marketing Toolkit and finally decided to give it a try. Now that we have it, the only disappointment we have is that we waited so long to sign up! The very first marketing template we tested not only paid for the mailing and supplies, but also paid for the entire Toolkit investment! If I had one thing to say, it would be 'Don't wait. Your competition won't!'"

President, Cencore

Increased Profits In Excess of 50%

"I started using Robin's Technology Marketing Toolkit, and soon after that I purchased the Managed Services Toolkit. We transferred our whole business process over to managed services, and with Robin's work and her Toolkit, I've been able to increase my profit by a margin in excess of 50%, and I have just scratched the surface of it!"

LD Owens Computing and Networking Services, Inc.

I Have Been Able To Translate The Campaigns To My Language Easily And Gained More Than 300 Leads

“As an international IT provider based in the Caribbean I think Technology Marketing Toolkit materials are universal. I have been able to translate the campaigns to my language easily and gained more than 300 leads with just one joint venture campaign.”



Our Results Have Been Off-The-Charts Amazing!

"Call it luck, but I've always paid myself well and never really struggled to make ends meet in the business. However, my checkbook did not justify the long hours I was working and I wanted to make more money. So I decided to change my fate and joined Robin's Producers Club. With the guidance of Robin's team and my peers, I designed, refined and executed a marketing strategy that has changed the trajectory of the company – and my life.

Since joining, we've generated 258 leads and our top-line revenues have increased 66% over the last two years. I've added $69,000 per month in recurring revenue and, best of all, our profitability has simultaneously increased by 104%. This year, we are already on track to close an additional $48,000 in new MRR and grow another 20% to our top line.

Not only have I achieved financial gain, but also (and more importantly) I've gained confidence and security in my future. Thank you, Robin, Jeff and my fellow Producers Club members."

Tarrytech Computer Consultants

Sales Jumped Nearly 50% in 60 Days

“Robin really delivered results for us! We had an immediate need for increasing our sales and leads per visitor. Robin provided us with immediate action items to execute without having to invest in additional resources. We instantly saw results. Within 30 days, we were generating an incremental 300 new qualified leads per week, and within 60 days, sales had grown 25% over the previous month. Within 60 days, sales had jumped nearly 50%! I strongly recommend Robin and taking advantage of her creative, high return on investment marketing strategies.”

CEO, PlantLearn

Generated 18-20 New Calls In Days

"Before working with Robin, our mailers were only pulling two, maybe three calls at most. After applying the strategies we learned from Robin, our most recent mailer generated 18 to 20 new calls in just a couple of days."

Sales Manager, Computer Dynamics


After Working With Robin For 3 Months, We've Added 37 NEW Leads And Jumped Our MRR From $500 Per Month To $9,830 Per Month!

“Steady Networks was in a downward spiral. I thought I had a sales ‘process’ in place until it all caved in when I lost three big accounts and, at the same time, lost my inside sales telemarketer of two years. By the end of the year, we were starting to eat into our savings and I realized I had a big problem on my hands.

So, after ignoring Robin's e-mails for YEARS, I finally decided to give her system a chance and signed up for the Toolkit and Rapid Implementation Workshop. It was there I learned how to build a foundation for marketing and sales that will allow us to add clients profitably and consistently, fuel referrals and ultimately double our customer base. If these first 90 days of implementation after the workshop are any indication, it's going to be a VERY good year!”

Steady Networks