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Cyber Security Sales & Marketing Toolkit ($1997 value)

Get a “Marketing Department In A Box” chock full of templates, tools, campaigns, reports, and proven how-to guides for selling cyber security solutions, backups and managed IT services contracts.

This includes a 12-month marketing plan, a proven prospecting campaign that will have qualified prospects calling you and a letter to send to current clients that will explain why they need to pay more each month for upgraded security.

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What Are Other MSPs Saying About The Toolkit?

Brian and Mary Hamilton

Mad Data IO

“Privileged To Get Robin Robins’ ‘Golden Ticket To Marketing,’ We Transformed Our Business And Ourselves – From Only $1,500 In MRR To $1.8 MILLION In Revenue Today”

Before starting with Technology Marketing Toolkit, we were always just one storm away from losing everything. We barely made our payments, survived on very little and didn’t have money for Christmas. Sure, we knew WHERE we wanted to go – financial freedom, security, food for our five children and the ability to pay for a vacation without going to a relative’s house – but we just didn’t know HOW to get there. Before working with Robin, we were stuck at only $1,500 in MRR. Shortly after meeting Robin, we shot up to over $8.5K in MRR plus $100K in project work.

Three years ago, we began to see the results of implementing Robin’s process. We had just lost a $100K customer the year prior and recently lost another client worth $30K. No problem…by following the Technology Marketing Toolkit formula, we hit our highest gross revenue that year – $536,124! Little did we know that was just the tip of the iceberg!

Last year was absolutely our breakthrough year! We finished at $1.8 million in revenue. This year, we are projecting to hit $2.5 million! And we were finally able to take that nice family vacation!

Matt Jones

Freedom Tech

“Once My Mindset And Confidence Transformed, I Saw IMMEDIATE Results, Including DOUBLING My Monthly Recurring Revenue!”

By shifting my mindset and improving my confidence, I started seeing results IMMEDIATELY! In just the first 90 days, my monthly recurring revenue more than DOUBLED – from $7,000 to over $15,000! Plus, we added $37,867 in new client project work!

Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot put a price on how much this opportunity has improved my life. I’m not only a better business owner today, I’m also a better father and husband. For that alone, I will be forever grateful.

Robin and the Technology Marketing Toolkit team have the secret sauce.

Mario Zaki

Mazteck IT

“I’ve Done More For My Company In 3 MONTHS Than I Have In The Last 15 Years!”

These last 90 days of working with Technology Marketing Toolkit has made me really open my eyes. I have done more for my company these last three months than I have in the last 15 years. I have completely changed the entire company around, including moving from my home office to a real office, hiring a new admin and technician, raising my hourly rate for the first time in 15 years and I started offering managed services!

I closed 53% of my clients to managed services and the rest accepted my higher rate — SUCCESS! We increased our monthly recurring revenue by $18,875 and our net new revenue by $46,275! Plus, in just two months we received six referrals, including one WHALE for $11,400 in MRR!